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Sam Tiussi

Sam Seabra was born in Rio de Janeiro and when she was only five years old  she searched for her first contact with art through music. To her piano she devoted her time and dedication all trough her childhood until her late teens, when she chose to focus solely on her academic background, in Industrial Design at the University of Rio de Janeiro.

It did not take long for Sam to feel the anxiety generated by these years of detachment from her artistic self. Already graduated, she accidently had her first contact with the world of paints, decided to explore her creative impulses and fell in love with the whole process. Already aware of the need to redirect her career, Seabra decided thereafter no longer to distance herself from fine arts and began to seek to discover herself as an artist.

Influenced by rhythm and life of Sao Paulo, where she moved to in 2012, Sam began to produce works that reflected that new phase, in which art becomes no longer a way to explore but something essential to her existence. With the support of gallery owner Murilo Castro, she exhibited for the first time in Ami Gallery and commercialized some of her first work series. 

Again in search of movement and freedom – both recurring themes in her work – the artist moves to Berlin in June 2014. In the german capital she now has an studio where she produces pieces that are related to her view of the city and the impact of it on her inner world.

The artist focus on energy, movement, inspiration, color, breath and freedom, where as dynamic comes to life, as if in a dream.